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Cherished Care Services provides care at home that is as unique as you are. Our team are specially trained to provide you with support that helps you remain as independent as possible. Our little and often approach is there to give you that support you need whilst helping you in your own home.

Whether you need a little support, from help getting out to the usual activities you enjoy, or more support with your personal care or medication administration we grade our support to help your independence.

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Maintaining a home may be a longstanding source of pride for you, but it can also become a little more difficult as you age. Perhaps your home has a large garden which requires constant attention, or maybe it’s becoming more difficult to clean those extra rooms that are rarely used. If your home is difficult to access, up several flights of stairs, it may be harder for you to leave your home as often you’d like, leading to more isolation.

Our team is specially trained to help you with all of these challenges. From support with shopping, to cleaning and gardening our team of specialists is there to help you.

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After a discovery and exploration phase, our team re-invigorate.

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After a discovery and exploration phase, our team will re-invig.

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