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Personalised Technology supporting homecare to help you remain independent in your own home.

Getting old doesn’t have to mean reduced independence. Cherished Home Care Services is the start to helping you maintain your independence in your own home. Our personalised support plans, regular consistent carers are trained to ensure they help you remain as independent as possible whilst at home.

There are a number of clever pieces of technology that can help assist you in your home. These can be as simple as bath plugs that ensure your bath will not overflow when running, to more sophisticated equipment like falls sensors and many things in between, they are known as personalised technology or assisted technology.

However, it is not easy to know what personalised technology is available to help you. Here are some of the devices currently available and what they can do to help support your homecare:


  1. Pivotel Tablet Dispenser

You might have your current medication delivered by your pharmacy as a blister pack. This is really helpful to help understand which tablets should be taken and when. However, they don’t actually remind you to take your medication and don’t know if you have actually taken it. The pivotel tablet dispenser is a solution for this. It’s a flying saucer shaped device that is loaded with your daily medication. The standard dispenser has 29 compartments for 28 medication doses. The compartments can be filled by a pharmacist using a special tray, or they can be independently filled by you or a home care worker. The device will then sound an alarm at the times that medication is due to be taken and the alarm will only stop once the medication has been removed to be taken. Additionally some devices can be connected to a telecare system if required.

You can buy this from lots of places online, including Amazon. To find out more about the Pivotel tablet dispenser visit their website here.

  1. Bathplug

What could be better than a nice soak in the bath? However the damage and danger posed by forgetting to stop the water running when leaving the bath running can be quite high. There are lots of devices available that can help you if you ever forget and leave the bath running and overflowing. These however can be quite expensive. There is though a very cheap alternative called the MagiPlug which costs around £5. You simply use this instead of your existing bath plug. Not only does it prevent your bath from overflowing it changes colour when the water temperature reaches 36’ C. This is a great simple idea to help you maintain independence at home. You can find out more about the Magiplug here.


  1. One Cup Kettle

Wether your preference for a brew is tea or coffee sometimes it can be difficult to keep making one with a full kettle. Whilst our home care team are always happy to get the kettle on for you and to catch up over a brew, a one cup kettle can help you to keep enjoying a cuppa! The one cup kettle does exactly what it says on the box – makes one cup of boiling water at a time. You simply fill with water, place your cup under the kettle and switch on. A few minutes later one cup of water has been dispensed into our freshly made tea, coffee, hot chocolate or soup! No need to pour out the kettle and risk spillage. You don’t need to get one of these from any specialist indepence shop – they are currently available in Argos. They are also handy for any age – older children would also find this useful.

  1. Telecare Systems

Telecare systems can support your home care in various ways. There are a number of devices available that can monitor different things including, falls sensors : which alert someone if you have a fall, bed sensors: which can monitor if the bed is wet, if you get out of bed but don’t get back in and emergency pendants which enable you to call someone. There are other devices for example passive infrared detectors which can do a number of things for example monitor if someone is up and active, what room they are in and if someone else has entered the property. There are a number of suppliers available for telecare, for example tungsten who provide a number of different devices. Telecare is a great service which can support a home care company when the carers leave your home to help keep you safe and independent 24 hours a day 7 days per week.


  1. Big button phone and tv remotes

Sometimes it is just the little things that make a big difference to your independence at home. For example being able to use the phone to call family and friends. Often the new touch screen phones whilst the screen size may be increasing, they can be more complicated and difficult to use. There are a number of big button phones on the market including phones with simple one touch calling. The same applies for TV remotes, sometimes the buttons can be small and fiddly – there are a number of bigger button remotes that can be programmed to work with most tv’s and boxes.

There are lots of other devices available on the market that can help you maintain independence in your own home. If you want to find out more about what is available or for an informal chat about the home care services offered by Cherished Care Services in Wilmslow, Handforth and Alderley Edge Cheshire, give us a call on 01625 251 925 or leave a comment below.



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